Leading the nation in bio-decontamination

Whole-space disinfection using EPA-registered products and validating each and every treatment for your comfort, security, and safety.

Eco-friendly, safe for electronics and fabrics, no harmful residues.

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Expert Bio-Decontamination Services

While other companies may “dabble” in disinfection, we are experts specializing in bio-decontamination.

Fighting an outbreak or preventing your facility from becoming a breeding ground for infection takes training, experience, and the right equipment.  With over ten years’ experience in National and International high-level disinfection, our services use the most effective tools available combined with multiple product lines to provide a healthier space.  Our certified technicians understand the specifics and limitations to the technologies necessary in producing a 99.9999% kill (6-log kill).

Because you are fighting an invisible enemy, we provide multiple methods of validation to prove the elimination of dangerous spores, bacteria, and viruses.


Our whole-space decontamination ensures you are winning the battle against germs in your environment.



With one treatment we can eliminate pathogens; however, with on-going services we can save you time and money:

• Reduce absenteeism

• Increase productivity

• Protect your reputation



Don’t rely on unequipped and untrained janitorial staff to deal with an outbreak. 

Call a professional:

Pathogend is prepared with the proper knowledge, equipment, and experience.




Before each treatment we measure and assess pathogen populations to determine your specific needs.  

Our post-treatment testing ensures a sterilization level of at least a 6-log kill rate, the highest industry standard




Empower your staff to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

We offer structured training and consulting on the best tools and methods to use for your facilities.


Spaces We Decontaminate

Germs lurk everywhere. Is your home or business suffering with an outbreak? We can help.

Check out some of the many places we disinfect and sterilize. Let us create your healthy space today!

Hospitals, Doctors' Offices, Rehab Centers, Assisted Living
Educational Facilities
Schools, Daycares, Universities, Locker Rooms, Weight Rooms
Business Facilities
Offices, Reception Areas, Media Rooms
Fitness Facilities
Gyms, Weight Rooms, Locker Rooms, Spas
Surgery/Transplant, Immuno-suppressed, Chemotherapy, Hospital-Acquired Infections,
Buses, Ambulances, Airplanes, Trains
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Stop the outbreak! Prevent infection now.



Our service guarantees the highest kill rate of pathogens possible (6-log), exceeding traditional cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection processes.

We kill all these germs and more!

Our methods utilize multiple EPA registered sporicidal disinfectants that reach every surface within a space


We decontaminate all spaces, using multiple technologies, including EPA-registered Hydrogen Peroxide HHP fogging from CURIS System, among others


Pathogend saves you money by significantly reducing sick days and lost productivity




Don't take our work for it, VALIDATE IT! Measurable results to ensure safety and track trends



Our methods are 100% safe for electronics and soft materials, leaving no harmful residue

Why Choose Us

Game-Changing Technology

Cloud-Based Data

We go the extra mile to combat resistant pathogens!

Why is this important?

  • Real data takes the guess-work out of the equation

  • Tracking trends enables us to identify and address issues quickly to:

    • help prevent recurring infections

    • save you money by increasing efficiency and assessing risk management

  • Proper disinfection protects you from germs AND lawsuits


We can't thank Pathogend enough for their fast response to our Norovirus outbreak in the media room.

— Deanna, Director of ES

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Educational Facilities

Schools, Daycares, Universities, Locker Rooms, Weight Rooms

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